AVOID These Mistakes When Buying A Home

Dated: June 29 2016

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  1. Not speaking to a lender and getting a pre-approval -  AND to know what you qualify for before looking at homes!

    1. Know your budget! Know where you are comfortable with your payment and make sure your team of lenders and agents ALL understand where YOU are comfortable with your payment. 

  2.     Understand ALL the cost and fees included in buying a home. This conversation needs to be with the lender and very candid! 

  3. Not finding a Professional, FULL time realtor that KNOWS the area your are looking to buy in., understands the market, and understands your needs. 

    1. DON'T do it on your own! HIRE an agent to help you through the process!   You wouldn’t go to court without a solicitor on your side – would you?

  4. Don't be too picky! You want to find a great home that meets your needs, but remember you will NEVER find EVERYTHING you want!! So keep an open mind! But don't settle either!

  5. Not getting a home inspection.  You never know what is lurking in the attic, on the roof, or anywhere else. This is a LARGE purchase and you don't want surprises in the future! 

    1. Do your due diligence during the inspection period. Talk to neighbors, do inspections, check out the schools, check out everything that is concerning to your during this time! 

  6. Get a home warranty!!!! This will help protect you from any surprises that may arise in home  ownership!


    1. Do NOT apply for ANY type of credit or inquire ANYTHING on your credit!

    2. Do NOT overdraw your checking account. 

    3. DO NOT use your credit card without speaking to your lender.

    4. DO NOT BUY A CAR, or a washer and dryer, or even a paperclip on CREDIT!! 

HAVE fun, relax and enjoy finding your perfect home!!

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