Did You Know Home Warranties Are NOT Just For New Sales

Dated: September 25 2018

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Hello world,

I know I have not been very good about blogging. BUT that is going to be changing, as well as we are (as a team) going to get better about videos to also share.  ANYWAYS........ I wanted to talk today a little bit about Home warranties: the good, the bad, and the truths.

What is a home warranty? 

A home warranty is an "insurance" policy to cover things your home insurance DON'T cover. For example some of the items covered in a home warranty are Air conditioning units, Hot water heaters, Pools, Spas, Refrigerators, Washer, and  Dryers. Get the  picture? Now don't be confused that these items are automatically covered, but most can be covered depending on the plan you pick and the company. 


The good news is they can cover AC units, hot water tanks, and so on, saving consumers $100's of dollars if not $1,000's. They can be a life saver when the temperatures inside and outside are HOT.  They can cover appliances as well.  Depending on the plan choose the warranty company may replace the broken item (AC, Appliance) if it is not fixable. 

ANYONE can get a home warranty on their home. It is NOT just for new home buyers, but for anyone who owns a home, even if it is a rental property!  The biggest difference with new buyers or homeowners policies is that when a buyer purchases a new home the warranty is effective day one, and if you are a current homeowner the policy will be in effect 30 days from starting the policy, Unless you have proof of having a warranty previous and are switching companies. BUT this is great news for current homeowners, you can get a home warranty  to cover your home today!! 


The Bad news if you need to read the fine print and see what they cover, see if they cover pre-existing issues, how much they cover upto, and all the in between fine print. 

         - Not all companies cover pre-existing issues, so how do you determine if the issue is pre-existing? The best way is to have your units serviced twice a year for current home owners. These services are fairly             reasonable and help your unit run better throughout the year.  If your purchasing  a home, having a home inspection or a A/C inspection will determine if the problem was pre- existing. If there is a problem             your agent can help you with the best ways to handle the issue with the A/C units. 

         - They are not always timely in getting someone out to repair the item.

         - You don't have many choices in who does the repairs. The warranty companies have contracts with contractors to get the best deal for them, not always the best deal for you or the best service. 

My best advice on choosing a new policy is to compare them, ask around (with a grain of salt because you will get LOTS of input), and ask your realtor who they tend to refer their clients too. 

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