Who You Work With Matters

Dated: 06/16/2017

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I wanted to be blunt today....WHO YOU WORKS WITH MATTERS! Can I tell  you in the real estate market we are seeing so many new agents out there and pounding the pavement, so to speak. WHILE I would NEVER discourage anyone from the business, and take my hats off to anyone working their butt of to make it a career. Truth of the matter is that only 10% of the agents are selling 90% of the inventory...Think about that for just a minute. There are literally 1000's of agents on the street right now, pounding the pavement to get a sale, their first or second! That awesome they are willing to work so hard to start their career! AND I am sure as a #buyer or #seller your excited to help boost their careers. BUT can I caution YOU to ask the RIGHT questions. YOU are putting YOUR largest #money #investment into the hands of the new guy/gal on the block... Would you be comfortable being the first person to for your doctor to operate on you or your child...be the first one EVER??? Sadly most of these agents are sent out in the market with 90 hours of schooling and a contact class, to handle your highest investment. They have NO guidance, NO real training, and NO money to truly market your home.  Don't be blinded by the smoke of what the "office" has sold. Those sales don't represent the experience your agent may have. Our team has sold 100's of homes...We can prove it with our names on the MLS, the sales on Zillow, and our raving reviews. We are experiencing first hand how new agents are NOT helping their clients.....in the sale or purchase. I am sure your asking how?

HOW a  new buyers agent (or inexperienced) has hurt their clients:

I have PERSONALLY encountered a new agent writing a ridiculous offer, that cost her client over a $1000 at the end of the counters.  The agent had no idea what they were doing, and NO guidance, as she was listening the the buyers friend that use to be an agent, and it cost her buyers.  This is a common problem we are seeing with all the new agents that are going into the market of selling homes. NO guidance, No one is helping. 

The next problem we have is Part time agents.....Doing it as a hobby, or a second job. This job is TOO important to do it as a hobby. What happens when you need to look at a home, but your agent is "at their other job"? You probably just lost that home. OR they are not aware of the time frames and miss out on inspections and loose their buyers earnest money. There are so many moving pieces that it is SO important your agent is ON TOP of the transaction. AND not a second thought after their "other" job. You will be at a HUGE risk of loosing your earnest money!

How a NEW or inexperienced sellers agent hurts a seller: 

They don't know the market and don't know how to get the sellers the most money for the sale. They DON'T have the premier advertising to  to make sure the  listing is getting the most exposure for the maximum amount of buyers! The  don't have the insight for the changing market just due to time in the business.  Doing photos on their IPhone or Android...First impressions are the most important to buyers.  Not having massive exposure on the internet.  A TEAM available to market the home. A MASSIVE database with 100's of potential buyers. This is just a quick list of reason to make sure the agent your choosing has the RIGHT tools to market your home. 

A home is  large investment, and you need to pick a team of agents that are able and willing to protect your investment.  Our team don't take this responsibility lightly. WE are very serous about our careers, and are always learning ways to increase exposure to listings, or better ways to protect our buyers. 

CALL us today for a personal ONE on ONE or if you have questions about buying and selling a home!


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